New shoes for Jill and Belinda!

Guess what. 'Finally got a pattern drafted for some doll shoes for Jill and Belinda. Their feet are nearly as wide as they are long, so the pattern pieces had to be customized a bit. This took a while, but their shoes are finally finished. To get up-closer photos, each doll got her own photograph. Jill and Belinda's socks are made from ladies' socks. I decided to make these doll shoes like those saddle oxfords that were so popular in the 1960's. 'Remember wearing those to school? Those were the days... Brown instead of black or navy was chosen for the "saddle" parts. These are made of fabric instead of leather or vinyl, and the shoestrings are sewn on instead of through eyelets (much easier to do, lol!) To see the instructions for these shoes, follow the link below my signature.
The first photo is of the shoe pattern pieces. Cut the quantities per the notes on the photo. Trace doll's feet to get the correct size for the sole pattern. Test with fabric remnants to get the correct sizes for the tongue/toe piece and the side piece. Once correct, cut all of the actual pattern pieces out. Using poster board works great for pattern pieces, as it is more sturdy and lasts longer than thin paper.

Right sides together, stitch two tongue/toe pieces together except not around the toe curved edge. Turn.

Right sides together, stitch two sides together with a piece of interfacing between them. Leave the long bottom open. Turn. Stitch one ribbon or shoestring 6" long to each of the sides, as pictured.

The second photo is of a top sewn together. Place two sides on the tongue/toe piece, as pictured. The two side pieces should slightly overlap the tongue/toe piece (be on top a bit). Stitch around the entire outer edges of the whole shoe top. Fold the whole shoe top so that the sides are right sides together. Stitch the center back seam of the shoe top.

The last photo is pinning the fabric sole to a shoe, right sides together. Stitch two soles wrong sides together. Right sides together, pin in a sole to a shoe. Stitch around the entire shoe edge, careful to not catch the ribbons or shoestrings in the stitching. Turn the shoe. Trim the two pieces of cardboard and place one inside each shoe. Then, the saddle oxfords are all ready for the dolly to wear.

There are many possibilities for the shoe color and fabrics: solids, prints, whatever you like. Have you ever made any doll shoes? Prim blessings,


  1. Hi Danice, the dolls are adorable and love the little shoes. I remember wearing those oxfords. My Dad bought me a pair except mine were the black and white. Yea those was the days

  2. they are looking good Danice!
    Be blessed,

  3. You did a great job! Look at that neat! I may need to learn to make shoes next! I made 'undies' today! lol Hugs!


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