23 February, 2016

Meet Kelsey!

Hello friends. Yes, I have officially entered into that "second childhood" folks speak of. While sewing clothing for granddaughter's AG doll, I wanted a doll of my own to try the clothing on. So, Joann's had a 50% off coupon and their Springfield® dolls are so cute. Pictured above is Kelsey, who is named Olivia by her company. 'Love her green eyes and auburn hair. Kelsey is wearing a darling retro-style dress made by a free pattern from Phoebe & Egg Company. Kelsey's white espadrilles were store-purchased for 50% off, also at Joann's. Springfield® also has a lot of great accessories for these dolls. Those adorable little brown glasses are definitely on the list. This doll company is a wonderful alternative for those of us who cannot afford AG dolls. Kelsey is well made. Do you collect fashion dolls?

~Linking-up with Diane over at: Wednesday Wee Ones~


  1. How cute! You will have fun dressing her up...you needed a model for sure!

  2. If you are going to make doll clothing, you certainly need a model!

    My daughter (11 yrs old now) loves the 18" dolls from Target called Our Generation. I asked her if she would rather have AG and she told me no because they aren't as available or affordable compared to the Target ones. I love that she made that decision on her own! I'm not a doll person, but I accept the fact that my daughter is. :)

  3. She is adorable and you're going to have such fun with her. It makes me want to get back to making doll clothes too. I have Madame Alexander dolls and My Life dolls from Walmart. The 18 inch dolls sure are fun to sew for! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. What a sweet doll. You are on a fun adventure that will take you great places. I am a friend of Diane's and I hope you don't mind that I linked your post to mine this week. We have such fun with our dolls. I have some Madame Alexander dolls and some from Walmart - and also from Target. All are similarly priced and just the thing for those of us who love to play with and sew for dolls. I love Kelsey's shoes and her outfit is darling. I haven't sewn much lately but when I see what others are doing I want to sew more - hmmmm - wonder what kind of spring clothes I can make?

  5. I put a link on my Wednesday Wee Ones today to your blog. Have a FUN day my friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. My daughter has 3 of the earlier AG dolls, Samantha, Addie, and Felicity. Her gran and I had so MUCH fun making new outfits and accessories for those dolls.Looks like you've been having fun, too!


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