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Star Light, Star Dark QAL

There is a really fun and educational QAL going-on over at Quilty Habit Blog. Jess has designed a quilt that features color gradation. 'Lots of information about colors (gradation and contrast) and choosing fabrics as well. We may choose a 6 block or a smaller 4 block quilt to make. Pictured above is my progress on the 4 block smaller quilt top. My chosen colors are green and orange, and these are the two green blocks. These are, to date, the largest stars I have ever sewn. 'Was afraid they may be difficult to assemble, but that was not the case at all. Green is my favorite color, and the choice of orange just seems a good contrast. 'Only problem is that finding lighter-shade orange fabrics is kinda difficult. Overall, though, this QAL is really a blast. 'Got started kinda late in it, so those other two blocks need to be completed soon. Happy quilting to you all.

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  1. Danice, these are fabulous, I love your fabrics! Looking great!

  2. Danice, your blocks are just lovely! I LOVE the first large star and how it kind of just pops out enough for you to see it. It's funny, I get intimidated by large blocks, too, and then I remember how much fun they are. Quilts go together faster. ;) Also, light orange IS hard to find. I needed to see them in person before I chose (online shopping is not the best outlet for that). Thanks for the high praise of the QAL - I appreciate it and I'm glad you're having fun!

  3. You've made a good start on the SLSD QAL. I've been working on other projects and haven't gotten beyond fabric selection. Happy quilting!!

  4. Hi Danice! these are really pretty, this star pattern has always been my favorite though I've never tried sewing it. Nice job. Can't wait to see it all assembled.


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