18 July, 2017

Cards for women's shelter

Over at Carole's blog, From My Carolina Home, there is a handmade card event happening. The cards are for her local Safelight women's shelter & intervention center. Pictured above are two of the ones that I made and sent. This was my first go at card making. The deadline for the cards is August 1st, so please consider making a card or a few to help this worthy cause. There will also be two prizes awarded, with winners to be chosen from those who make and send a card or donate funding for the event. To see the other two cards, and a photo of the inside of them, follow the link below my signature.

14 July, 2017

Yankee Diary QAL: June block

Finally, here is my June block for the Yankee Diary QAL over at: Civil War Quilts Blog. This historical block is titled Heart & Hand, and is appliqued. So, we are now half way through this monthly QAL. If you haven't already, be sure to read Civil War Quilts Blog for this and much more historical + fun information from Barbara. Oh, sending thank you to Barbara for including my block in her recent post.

*If you design & sell patterns, please read the following*

On another note, if you search the internet for "free primitive sewing patterns", most results will be via pinning forums. 'Nothing against pinning boards or search engines at all. Herein lies the trouble, though. Many are listed as "free", when they are in fact patterns that are available for purchase. That's correct, not free at all. People are obviously scanning the patterns and then posting them online. Where they post them to is not at fault. It is the fault of the persons who upload the patterns. This is piracy, and is not legal. If you design patterns for sale, you should really check online to see if your patterns are being offered for free downloads. Many of the results I see are linked to sites that are not even related to sewing. Regardless of where they are linked to, the uploaders obviously have done so without the designer(s)' permission. Just because someone purchases a pattern, that does not give them the right to give or sell it to other people. The designers still maintain the copyrights. Prim blessings.

09 July, 2017

Heirloom restoration project: part 2

Here it is again: the restored doll crib project. The two doll beds are now one. At this point, it has been sanded and painted with two coats of satin white. A matte clear coat has also been added. All four finials are atop the four posters, and the side spindles are completed (which was by far the most difficult part!). The new mattress platform was temporarily removed to avoid paint splatter. Whoo, this project is time-consuming but so far so good, lol. Hoping the remaining work goes as smoothly. Stay tuned to see more on this project.

05 July, 2017

Persimmon dress

This is a darling dress pattern that I have had for a while now. Granddaughter's 6th birthday was the perfect time to sew one up. The fabrics are all 100% cottons. Hot pink is her favorite color, so that was incorporated.This pattern is designed by: Mouse House Creations. There are shoulder ties, so no buttons or other fasteners. There are also a lot of ruffles and pleats to construct, which the pattern provides great instructions for. The matching head band has a bow of the dress' print fabric. This pattern will get a pattern difficulty rating of:

Fairly Easy