10 August, 2017

Tooth Fairy pillows!

Somethin' for the kiddos. Recently, my granddaughter lost her first tooth. Soon after, my great-nephew lost his first tooth. The idea of custom tooth fairy pillows seemed perfect for them both. Their pillows are pictured above. Those fabrics are actually a gift from my daughter, making these pillows even more special. Want to see the backs of each of these pillows? Follow the link below my signature.

~Linking-up with Kelly at: My Quilt Infatuation: Needle & Thread Thursday~

Granddaughter's pillow is the pink one. The money pocket is on the back. Great-grandson's is the blue pillow. It's pocket is on the front (the blue fabric behind the tooth applique). The covers are removable for washing. These were a "hit" with both of the children. Have you ever made a tooth fairy pillow?


  1. Cute idea, really like the pink one.

    1. Thank you Tonia. My granddaughter loves hot pink.


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