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Happy Halloween from our family!

Happy Halloween to all from granddaughter Macey and our family! Lucy is wearing her witch ensemble, made by me. The dress is just made on-the-fly with a black tulle lining, and the scarf is a dollar store item. She also has purple and black striped stockings (made from dollar store adult socks) and some black shoes. Even a treats bag! The witch hat, how was that made? Well, actually it is created from a dollar store headband. Repurposed, you could say.

Carefully remove the headband from the hat (it was hot-glued). The brim is made of black craft felt. Hand sew in two ribbons, and whip-stitch around the circular area where it was hot-glued. Finis! Plus, now you have a headband that can be used for another project. Not bad, two projects for $1.00, right? The hat is the perfect scale size for the 18" fashion doll. Sending happy birthday wishes to my BIL today as well. You all please remember to be careful and safe if you are out-and-about tonight.


  1. Cute costume idea. I plan on getting my granddaughter one of those dolls for Christmas.

  2. Very cute costume idea, Danice!! Thanks for sharing!


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