15 March, 2021

Wood craft decor

Good morning friends. These are some dollar store wood decor items that I painted for my grandson's hutch shelf in his nursery. The theme is dinosaurs, so these fit the bill perfectly. The little cars should look cute as well. There is a wide range of colors, and several coats of acrylic paint on each one. Of course, they are all for decor only, due to small parts that can come off (ie the wheels and round spheres). These are already mailed, and my daughter and family do love them. Isn't it fun to create for our grandchildren, or for anyone else? These unfinished wood items were also a real bargain, at only $1.00 each. Gotta love a good deal. Do you ever do crafts like this?


  1. How fun these are! Hubby made my our granddaughters loft bed so that she could have a love seat underneath it. I crocheted afghans for each when they were little. Nothing wood though. Janice

  2. Those are really cute, Danice!! Great job!