30 December, 2011

Prayer request ♰

Good morning, dear friends. Thank you all for your kind words regarding my upcoming surgery. To put it lightly, I am scared beyond words. They have already installed a temp filling for now, and I will begin my sedation medication tonight, for the surgery on Saturday morning. As soon as I am feeling all better, I will be blogging again. I do request prayers for my mother as well as for me, as she will be the one responsible for taking care of me through it all. She is truly an amazing person and the best mother ever. Love and hugs to you all. You are all greatly appreciated.
image: Darnok| Morguefile

29 December, 2011

Html tags information

When you are writing a comment, you will see a message that reads:
"You can use some html tags, such as <a>, <b>, <i> " For a long time, I did not know what these tags meant. So, for those who still do not know, here is an explanation. This applies to posting as well, when you write your post in the Edit Html mode instead of the Compose mode. [Blue buttons at top right of the post box area].

These are html tags. Html is an anachronism for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the string of symbols that the search bots and other web bots/spiders read to interpret an internet page. There are other languages, but since Blogger uses this one, we will stick to that for this discussion. Lets begin with the popular tag of <a>. This forms a link.

We, as humans, usually prefer to view an internet or "hard copy" page that includes images. That is human nature; it explains why we usually turn to the internet and gossip magazines for reading pleasure. A scholarly article would usually provide a better researched reading, but scholarly articles/journals typically do not include images. A lot of text seems to go on and on forever. So, we get bored and stop reading or snooze, ha.

28 December, 2011

Christmas 2011 joys and woes...

'Guess y'all wonder where I have been. We had a good Christmas, with the exception that my daughter and her family did not get to come. We missed them greatly. The photo above is the delicious ham that Mother prepared for us all- a Christmas tradition in our family. The other "woe"- there I was, chomping away on the beloved ham, when all of a sudden OUCH! Unbelievably, on a holiday, I had chipped off a tooth! Instant pain. So, I have been in misery. Have been to the dentist, and have the appointment for the fix. Of course, this requires a surgeon. So, I bear with it until the surgery date. Please pray for me, as it is very scary. I will post some more photos of our Christmas when I feel better.

I also was the winner of the At Home With K Giveaway on Dec 12th, as well as one of the winners of *A Whimsical Christmas' Christmas Tree Contest*. How lucky is that? I'll be posting photos of those gifts when they arrive. 'Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas meals and family times.

25 December, 2011

Blogging comments

Sadly, I have had to change my Comments form to approving each comment before it will be published. I know this is a pain to you good bloggers who want to comment, but due to many spammy and unrelated comments with embedded links to their unrelated and non-family friendly content, I have had to make this decision. Friends, please do not think this refers to you. The ones who have made these comments know who they are, and they are blocked from all of my blogs.

People who do such things are beyond hideous. Blogging is supposed to be for fun, and friendly. My blogs are all family-friendly, as all of yours are. Adding an unrelated link to someone's blog just to get free advertising is not only unfriendly but unethical business practice. What do any of my blogs have to do with heating and a/c furnaces? Engineered furniture? Dating? Answer: not a single thing. These people do not even do the courtesy of being a follower. But, who wants them anyway? I would refer such people to the Privacy Policy that has been on all of my blogs since day one when each was opened. This clearly states the rules and regulations for each blog. Homespun Hannah's can be found here: Privacy Policy. The last paragraph specifically deals with blog comments. I so appreciate that Blogger has opened spam filtering to try to catch some of these people's comments. The nerve of some people...

Thank you all for being good moral people. The few who practice such unethical deeds know very well who they are. They will not gain any advertising through any of my blogs. I will check every day to see my comments on every blog, and approve all of you good bloggers. Only those who are trying to abuse the comment form will not be approved.

24 December, 2011

"Hard candy Christmas"

We are all familiar with the Dolly Parton hit song, "Hard Candy Christmas." This year, that is exactly what my family will be having from me. Since becoming disabled, having very little money, I decided to make the gifts from myself. This had to be started early, as my RA slows me down quite a bit. I think that, after all, Christmas is not about the cost of a gift but rather the thought. For those who can afford expensive gifts, that is great. Expensive gifts can be given with the thought behind them. 'Not "knocking" that. All I am saying is that the real meaning should be that thought that love is really what matters. I surely hope my family thinks the same, ha. My gifts will definitely have that true meaning of love behind each and every one. I will post some photos after Christmas day. Merry Christmas and good tidings to all of you, my prim friends. Each and every one of you is greatly appreciated.
image: Ylanite Koppens @ pexels.com

20 December, 2011

An old sideboard gets restored

This is an antique sideboard that has been in my family for many years. Mother had it hidden in a spare room. Now we actually use it. My daddy had purchased it many years ago, and it was in need of some restoring. With some sand paper and custom color stain, now this old sideboard is much prettier. Even though it is very old, it is very sturdy and well-made. There are two drawers in the front that are perfect for storing silverware. We think the wood is maple. To see the after photo, follow the link below my signature.

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11 December, 2011

*Winner of Holidays Giveaway*

Good morning friends! It's time to announce the winner of the Holidays 2011 Giveaway:

*Susan of: Glen Oaks Primitives*

Susan, I hope that you enjoy the Virginia doll. She will love her new home for sure. Thank you to all who entered. Without each and every one of you, blogging would just not be fun. Prim Winter blessings ♥

Meaning of the holidays

The holidays are special to me for many reasons, but I think the most importance is in the family atmosphere. This is a time where we can all get together and appreciate life. This year is my new grand daughter's very first holiday season, and that makes it even more special.
image: Pixabay @ Pexels.com

10 December, 2011

Last day to enter Holidays Giveaway!

'Just a reminder: tonight at 12 midnight CST is the deadline for my Holiday's Giveaway. Many have entered, and I am so excited! If you haven't entered yet, there is still some time. Just go to : HOLIDAYS GIVEAWAY for the rules and to get your name in the mix. The winner will be announced before noon on the day of 11 December, Sunday.

07 December, 2011


Wow! Even the weather gadgets are wrong this time: Alabama is seeing rain, but it has also been SNOWING quite heavily for over an hour! This usually does not happen except in January or February, and not nearly this much cover! 'Cannot believe it. My truck is filled like a snow cone, lol! Later, I will try to make some more photos to post.


Well, the snow has ended. We got quite a bit of ground cover. It is still very cold, though, and the rain is still present. We will see what happens with temperatures to be around 26° tonight.

Giveaway news

Since the Followers gadget is still not working properly, either not allowing Following, not updating to show all Followers, or mysteriously deleting Followers, I am going to go ahead and give all Giveaway entrants those 3 extra chances. There is still no word from Blogger Status or Known Issues about the problem, and many bloggers have posted about it, including myself. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. The last day to enter my Giveaway is 10 December at midnight CST. Here is the link to the post to enter:

*Holidays Giveaway*

My WIN from Stone Cottage Farm Soapworks

Oh, I am so happy! I won these great soaps from: Stone Cottage Farm Soapworks. Deb sent me 3 very nice soaps: Olive Oil & Cream, Dried Cracked Cinnamon, and a Lotion Bar of Midnight Pomegranate. They smell so prim and beautiful! I will definitely be using these. Many thanks to Deb- I absolutely adore these soaps.