29 August, 2013

~Thrifty Thursday: pearle cotton & basket~

It's Thrifty Thursday again. I do love this event so much. Above are two little items that were purchased for just .25¢ each. The little woven basket had a red Christmas bow and plastic ivy, which was removed and will be replaced with homespun and other prim items. There was actually had one more spool of Coats & Clark's mercerized pearle cotton thread. (Remember I got one before, on another visit?) It is a bit aged, but that will only add to it's prim charm. Notice it's original label price of .10¢, which reveals that it is quite old. So, a grand total of .50¢ was spent for these two items. 'Wishing there had been more spools of the pearl cotton available. Don't you just love these kinds of "little treasure" finds? As they say, one person's junk is another one's treasure.

Today is also my daughter's and her husband's 8th Wedding Anniversary. Sending-out very happy wishes and love to them. Prim blessings to you all, friends.

26 August, 2013

~Esther's new frock~

Good morning friends. 'Remember Amish Esther from a while back? My idea was to dress her in Amish-style clothing, but later decided that she actually looked more like an early American pilgrim. So, Esther now has a new more Amish-looking frock. I just "winged it" on the pattern. Green is my favorite color, so that's also a plus. The doll was made by: Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers- Etsy. Esther's original frock did not have an apron, and was a shorter length.

23 August, 2013

What a neat gadget!

What a neat gadget from Kohl's. It is a smartphone holder, made of metal. The back is rectangle-shaped, and has an easel-type stand. The top figure appears to be a deer(?) There were only 3 left, as they were part of a huge sale. The other 2, one was black with a mustache on top, and the other white with @#&! on top. So, this is the one I decided to get. This cute smartphone holder was $5.19. 'Also got a cute metal photo holder with 2 sunflowers (photos slide behind the sunflowers) that was $3.59, totaling nearly all of the $10.00, so both items were free. Every now and then, Kohl's "snail" mails me a $10.00 coupon that can be used on anything in their store. 'Don't know why, as I do not even have a credit card account with them. How cool is that?

21 August, 2013

Hair bow holder with style

This is a stylish hair bow holder design that is from Sarah at: Repeat Crafter Me. Be sure to check-out her unique blog. Sarah is such a creative soul. Her design also has cup hooks along the bottom to hold head bands, but with my granddaughter being 2 years old, yeah, those would stay... so I omitted that element of the design. When Macey gets older, this can be used as a message board, because there is cork board behind the pink polka-dot fabric. I added a custom name hang tag on the holder. Photos can also be placed behind the white elastic areas. What a terrific design that can grow with the child. This frame had been bought years ago at a clearance sale, and was black, so it required 3 coats of gloss white paint. It was so good to finally use this frame. Who better to receive it than my own lovely granddaughter? Of course, it will be filled with pretty hair bows. That will be an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

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18 August, 2013

Where are my changes?

Good morning, friends. Here is another tip for blogging and general website info. Have you ever made changes to your blog or website and then viewed and not seen those changes? That most likely is because you are not viewing the most current version on the web. To refresh your browser, on the top row of your keypad, kinda towards the left, push the f5 key. This updates your browser and gives the current version of your blog or site. 'Still not seeing the changes?

This could be because your computer's cache (pronounced as "cash") is full of so much stuff, and so many records/history ("cookies") of the places you've been online are still there. What a clutter! Here's how to clear those from 3 of the most used browsers for Microsoft Windows ©; I am not familiar with Apple Mac © systems. If you do have more than one browser, you will want to do this for all of your browsers one at a time. Take your time, as these actions cannot be undone.

For Internet Explorer (IE) browser:
1. On the top left of the screen, left-click Tools. Choose Delete browsing history.
2. Check the top 4 boxes, but NOT Form Data or Passwords.
3. When the box appears, click Delete Browsing History. Soon, across the bottom of your screen, a yellow bar will soon appear telling you that IE has deleted the selected history.

For Firefox browser:
1. At the top left of the screen, left-click the orange Firefox button.
2. Scroll over to the right to History, Clear Recent History. Select this. When the box appears, Choose Everything.
3. Then check Browsing & Download History, Cookies, and Cache. Again, do NOT check Saved Passwords.
4. Click Delete Selected History. Soon it will be done.

For Google Chrome browser:
1. On the top right of the screen, left-click the little grey box with the horizontal lines inside of it.
2. Scroll down and select History. Select Clear Browsing Data. Check the top 4, but NOT Saved Passwords.
3. When the page appears, up on the top left, click the box Clear Browsing Data. Soon it will be done.

'Hoping that this will help you all. Remember that the f5 key will always refresh the web page anytime you use it. Clearing History should be done regularly to stay current in the browsers and clear your computer of the history that slows it down.

*NEW INFO*: If your Blogger navbar across the top of your blog disappears, it may be because you have not joined Google+, or you have it turned off. This happened to me. You will need to sign in to the gmail account that you use to log in to Blogger and join/turn on Google+ and the Blogger navbar will reappear. Prim blessings to you all.

Computer monitor image: mzacha | morguefile.com

15 August, 2013

~Thrifty Thursday: holy cow!~

'Got really lucky at our local thrift store on my last visit. The large cow painting is in a wood frame, and measures 15"X12" overall. It is painted on a piece of wood. What a find at only $1.50! The painting has no artist's credit. The hard cover book is titled Seasons of the Heart, and it is authored by Paul C. Brownlow. It features the Early American themed artwork of Charles Wysocki. This book was also a real find for only .50¢. We all know how expensive mercerized pearle cotton thread is. 'Got that for another .25¢. The little wooden bowl was in the free items. It does have a small bit missing from the top edge, but a homespun liner and some prim tucks will disguise that. So, the grand total was $2.25 for all of these great items. What do you think of these thrifty finds? Prim blessings ♥

13 August, 2013

'Just a quick update...

'Just a quick update on my family and me. My daughter and her family are recovering from strep throat, and doing better. My twin sister's MIL had a nasty fall, broke her back and had surgery. She has been in ICU for nearly 2 weeks, but is getting better daily. My twin sister twisted her ankle, but it is not broken. She is also doing better. My great-nephew battled such a terrible ear infection and is now all better. BIL's BIL had emergency gall bladder surgery 2 weeks ago, and he is also on the road to recovery. Please pray for all of them. After today, I will no longer have to wear the arm splint on my recently broken left arm. The arm is now getting stronger, slowly but surely. The wrist is still a bit larger than the other one, but all is OK. Whew! What a past few months it has been! On a happier note, sending-out a Happy 30th Anniversary to my twin sister and her husband today. Speaking of anniversaries...

In 74 days, this blog will celebrate her 3rd blogoversary. This year, let's do something fun. Stay tuned to see what's in store. (You knew I wouldn't tell just yet, lol!) 'Praying that all is well with everyone, dear friends. Prim blessings ♥
image: Denise at: The Krazy Kraft Lady

11 August, 2013

~Hannah the Autumn Rabbit~

Here is a photo of all of Hannah the Autumn Rabbit. You all met her earlier this month. Hannah is my own design/creation. She is a big girl, at 24" tall. Lightly coffee and tea stained with vanilla added. Hannah's face is embroidered. Her frock is made of 100% cotton homespun in a dark green plaid. Hannah's pantaloons are made of 100% cotton tiny floral fabric in rusts and greens. She has "ear bows" matching her outfit. Her "shoes" have button-decorated sides. Hannah has been busy gathering her Autumn veggies: yellow corn (mother thought it was a potato, lol!), pumpkins, and of course carrots. Her little basket is full of veggie seeds and vanilla potpourri. A prim pumpkin hang tag with a rusty bell hangs from her left arm.

The surprise? Hannah is part of my Swap package for the: ~Harvest Gatherings Swap~ over at Bumblebee Lane Cottage. Amy's swaps are always so awesome and fun. If you join the Swap, Hannah the Autumn Rabbit could be coming to live with you!

08 August, 2013

~Thrifty Thursday: a surprise blessing~

Thrifty Thursday is so fun, isn't it? Above is a little black graduation cap box that I found at a local thrift store for just $1.00. Cute, isn't it? Now guess what friends: there was something inside the box. To see what was inside the box, keep reading.

06 August, 2013

~Autumn rabbit~

Hello friends. I have been "mia" for a while, due to my health. 'Feeling a bit better now. 'Still wearing the arm splint for one more week. Have you ever made a rabbit, mouse, or some other critter and had trouble getting his whiskers just right? The Autumn rabbit above is my own design/creation. To get her whiskers just right, here is a tip: the whiskers are made from button & carpet thread. It is thicker than regular sewing thread. To get the whiskers to not droop down, I simply applied a thin coat of the clear Dritz Fray Check © to them before stitching them to her face. Do the whiskers look right to you all? In the near future, you all will be seeing more of Hannah the Autumn Rabbit. It's a surprise, so stay tuned.

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