*Red peppermint dress*

'Just a word of caution if you are thinking of changing your blog template or tweaking it: don't, at least not today. My attempt caused this whole blog to go haywire, with 2 Blog Posts gadgets (how did that happen?) and if I did not know something about html I would have had to pay someone to fix this blog. The blog displayed the 6 posts, with the same 6 posts directly below those! The extra Blog Posts gadget could not be removed via the Layout (of course not). It took me several hours to correct the whole mess. This happened even though I had saved a copy of the template before attempting to make any changes. Uploading the saved template just made the situation worse. The old code to remove that grey line at the footer of many of the Simple templates does not work any longer. Trust me, it will ruin your blog design. The main content area of this blog had suddenly turned from white to grey, and it was only an attempt at trying to fix that. So, the template you see now is the best it could be fixed. Beware, friends.

On to happier thoughts. Here is another dress for my granddaughter Macey. She already has it, and has worn it. This one is McCall's M6781. The fabrics are 100% cotton, a solid red and a red peppermint print. The white "M" applique was purchased and sewn to the bodice. This pattern is quite easy to sew and has 3 different views to choose from, including a blouse length. There is a back zipper. To see the matching hair bow, follow the link below my signature.
Here is the matching hair bow for the McCall's M6781 dress. It is attached to a French barrette. Red is such a festive color, isn't it? The red peppermint fabric just caught my eye instantly in the fabric store. Oh, and Happy New Years, in 8 minutes CST!


  1. I'm not sure what was going on yesterday. My Wordpress blog was down for 2 hours yesterday morning. Aggravating! Cute dress, I'll have to check out the pattern:)

  2. Thanks for the tips Danice. I love anything RED and the dress you made is adorable! what a lucky granddaughter!!

    Happy New Yr!


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