28 May, 2014

Sharing some funny moments

Good afternoon friends. 'Thought that sharing some funny moments with you all would help spread some smiles. My major in college was Theatre/Costume design. Although some people have thought that I am an actor, well, no. My focus was on sewing. It does seem that some funny things have happened to me though. So, the following moments actually happened:

☺ Many years ago, I cut out some fabric for a dress for my daughter. 'Sounds OK, right? Well, the fabric was on the bed. Yes, I cut right through the bedspread!

☺ Once in college, while cutting out a pattern, I accidentally cut about 6" from my really long hair! Note to self.. wear a ponytail!

☺ Just yesterday, this happened: I always have a cup of water handy when painting to clean the brushes. 'Forgot to empty that cup, and grabbed it thinking that it was my soda... OK, that was not soda!

☺ Once I was painting a metal desk as a re-do. That space where the chair goes in the center, well, I laid on my back on the garage floor with the spray paint. How is that funny, you may ask: the spray can nozzle was turned towards my face instead of towards the desk. 'Good thing I was wearing my glasses! Well, not really so good, as the lenses were then painted black! This made it really difficult to see very well to get out from under the desk. 'Wish those had have been some cheap goggles instead of prescription glasses...

'Hope some of these memories made you laugh or smile. It is rainy here, and laughter is usually a good remedy for the blues. Do you ever laugh at some of the funny moments that have happened to you? Prim Spring blessings.

26 May, 2014

One for the boys

OK friends, this is one more entry in: The Scientific Seamstress' Make It This May contest. Here is the Reversible Romper, in the short length with a snap inseam. This one is for my darling great-nephew, and is 100% cotton print with red fire trucks and hats on a grey background. The reverse side is solid blue 100% cotton fabric. Some people think that there are no cute clothing patterns for boys. Well, this pattern should change their minds. Isn't it adorable? The romper pattern is quite simple and fast to construct, and is fully lined with two buttonholes to be sewn. It's pattern difficulty rating is:

Fairly Easy

Yay! A pair of red sunglasses for my great-nephew complete this outfit. While not a hand-made item, they are still really cool and useful. Did you guess that this would be the accessory for the boy's romper? Happy Memorial Day, and Prim Spring blessings.

22 May, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: blue woven basket with pine cones

This Thrifty Thursday find was really quite a bargain at only $2.00, pine cones included. The basket doesn't appear to be vintage, but is quite prim and cute. 'Found at a local antique store. The basket can be set on a shelf or hanged from it's own hanger. 'Kinda makes me think thoughts of Spring/Summer if filled with some flowers. The pine cones are more Wintery items, aren't they? This basket was just too cute and well-priced to resist.

Yesterday was Mother's birthday. Twin sister and I had a small party with her. It was a fun time with cake, punch and ice cream.

18 May, 2014

Pattern win: Sheriff Rupert Thibideau

Last month, I was a lucky winner of a darling pattern from: Denise at KKL Primitives. Sheriff Rupert Thibideau is a mouse sheriff, complete with a star on his vest. He stands approx. 12" tall. Isn't he just too cute? Thank you to Denise for this pattern. It was a lot of fun to make this mouse. Denise has many patterns and finished goods available from her selling blog. Be sure to check out her work. Prim Spring blessings.

16 May, 2014

Meet Abbey the Garden Angel

Good morning prim pals. Pictured above is my take on the Garden Angel Doll Challenge at: Ravenwood Whimzies. The angel's name is Abbey, and she is approximately 24" tall. Abbey wears a 100% cotton frock, pantaloons, and apron. Her body is made of unbleached muslin that has been lightly coffee-stained and vanilla scented. The eyes are two black buttons, and Abbey's nose is a simple patch of rose-colored cotton fabric. Being an angel, her wings are made of 100% cotton in a white on white tonal butterflies print fabric. There is a layer of quilt batting sandwiched between the wings. Abbey's hair is auburn heavy weight yarn. To shade her from the sun, she has a straw hat with a batch of daisies slung over her back. In her arms Abbey holds a prim wooden cross that is stained gold. Many thanks to Wendy for this another fun Challenge. Be sure to head on over to her blog to participate. What will your Garden Angel look like?

Here is the back view of Abbey the Garden Angel. If you haven't yet joined in on one of these Challenges, you are missing a great creative opportunity plus a lot of fun. I just love seeing all of the many different takes on the same basic pattern.

15 May, 2014

Red square neck dress

One of the newest patterns I have bought is the Square Neck Dress from: Dandy Jane's Etsy Shoppe. Mine is made of red 100% cotton. The sleeve caps are ruffled. The tulips appliques and rick-rack are my own additions. This pattern is a classic, and one that will be used many more times. The red is such a deep vibrant shade, isn't it? Actually, the red kept glaring on photos. Finally, this background worked best. This darling pullover has no fasteners, and is a simple and quick construct. The pattern difficulty rating is:

Fairly Easy

Here is the matching hair bow for the red Dandy Jane Square Neck Dress. 'Thought simple would be the way to go with this one.

11 May, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day to you all. We sure had a wonderful one. My twin sister and I visited with our mother all day, hence this posting late at night. My daughter and her family visited on Saturday, and we all went out to eat. My granddaughter collected all of the outfits that "Granny" has sewn for her. Pictured above is one of the outfits. It is made of a red print plisse. Thanks to: Prudent Baby for the free muumuu pattern. 'Just shortened it to make a blouse length. Then, added ruffles to some jeans that were cut to a cropped length. There is also a matching hair bow and headband.

The plisse hair bow has a knotted center. This muumuu pattern is very simple, with no fasteners. Great as a dress, or shortened for a blouse. Let's give it a Pattern Difficulty rating of:


08 May, 2014

Lavender romper: The Scientific Seamstress

Wow! Another entry in: The Scientific Seamstress' Make It This May contest. This romper is actually a birthday gift for a friends' daughter. Made of 100% cotton in lavender with white polka dots. The lining is also 100% cotton, in a white-on-white tonal with butterflies print. The leg ruffles are made of a fat quarter of 100% cotton in a bright floral striped print. The buttons are covered in that same fabric. Since this romper is an infant size, there is a snap closure inseam. Did I say already, I just adore this pattern! It is so versatile and stylish. To see the romper for my granddaughter, check out this post: Macey's romper. There is a matching hair bow for the lavender romper. It is made of eight gathered petals with one covered button as its center.

This romper pattern is quite simple and fast to construct, and it is fully lined with only two buttonholes to be sewn. The pattern difficulty rating will be:

Fairly Easy

05 May, 2014

The Scientific Seamstress' Make It This May contest!

Pictured above is my entry in: The Scientific Seamstress' Make It This May contest. This darling and stylish pattern is the Reversible Romper, for boys and girls. Mine is made of 100% cotton in a damask-like print. Greens and an aqua make up the print design. The contrasting shoulder buttons are fabric covered with 100% cotton in a brown, aqua, and green floral print. The contrasting leg ruffles are also of that same fabric. This romper is the cropped capri length. The pattern is adjustable for custom length. Leg ruffles are an option, and the instructions are included. For the younger kiddos, a snap inseam is also an option. The lining is of another 100% cotton floral print fabric in two shades of green. This romper is fully lined but not reversible; the pattern provides instructions for either choice. My granddaughter will look so cute wearing this! Follow the link above for the contest details. The prize is one of The Scientific Seamstress' awesome patterns. This romper pattern is quite simple and fast to construct, and is fully lined with two buttonholes to be sewn. It's pattern difficulty rating is:

Fairly Easy

Here is the matching hair bow for The Scientific Seamstress' Reversible Romper. The fabrics are the same ones used to construct the romper. 'Love that aqua color.

01 May, 2014

~Thrifty Thursday: navy fabric~

It's Thrifty Thursday again. This time, I found a yard of cotton fabric on a remnant table for only $3.00. 'Not sure exactly what type of fabric this is, as it was marked only as 100% cotton. It kinda has a woolish nap texture. The moose and woodlands designs woven into this fabric is what caught my eye. For the backing I chose navy striped ticking fabric. After sewing this 10"X18" pillow for my bed, there is still some fabric left over. If only it were green, it would be perfect, lol! But the navy is a very nice color also. Any ideas for the left-over fabric?