25 December, 2014

*Merry Christmas and a sleigh*

Good morning, and merry Christmas to you all. Today is also Thrifty Thursday, so here are some holiday-related finds. The metal sleigh is in like-new condition and was only $2.50. It is nearly 10" tall. 'Caught my eye immediately. The red and green wicker basket and the box of green glass tree ornaments were also a real finds at only $1.00 each. See how one green tree ornament is missing? That is OK, since all items were purchased at a thrift store. Total cost: $4.50 for all three items. 'Still cannot beat those prices. Hoping that all of you are well-fed, warm and healthy on this winter day. Prim holiday blessings.

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas sweet friend! I hope you day is filled with fun! Hugs, Diane


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