Poncho for granddaughter

This is a fleece poncho that I made for my granddaughter for Christmas 2018. 'Made a matching hat also. Yes, she loves them both. The floral fleece so reminds me of her. The pattern is McCall's 7012, and it does include the hat pattern plus several poncho variations and a cowl scarf. Tip: when sewing with fleece, use a walking foot and sew slowly to allow for the fabric's thickness. Also, remember to use scissors (not fabric shears) to cut fleece and any other synthetic fabrics. Synthetics will quickly dull fabric shears. The difference? Fabric shears have a downward bend near the center where the blades are attached and scissors are straight with no bend. This pattern was really fun to sew, and has no fasteners to attach. It will get a Pattern Difficulty Rating of:


  1. Oh how pretty! I would love to make one for my dolls. I didn't know that about it dulling scissors! Good tip! Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you Diane. Actually, M7460 (McCall's), includes the 18" doll pattern. I made some for granddaughter's dolls for Christmas. Now she and they can match!

  3. This is adorable! What an awesome Christmas present. You are such a great gramma! Janice


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