27 January, 2015

Sunbonnet Sue raggedy doll

'Another Sunbonnet Sue goody! Pictured above is a personalized raggedy doll for my granddaughter Macey, to coordinate with the quilt ensemble that I made for her. This Sue wears a dress made from a remnant from one of the dresses that I made for Macey. 'Guess this is a modern version of a Sunbonnet Sue. Macey and her mother (my daughter) both love the completed Sunbonnet Sue ensemble, including this special raggedy. To see a close-up view of Sue's face, follow the link below my signature.

22 January, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: cute cow mug

It's Thrifty Thursday again. This time is a cute little ceramic mug. Found at a local thrift store, this item was only .50¢. I love the bright paint design of a cow in the pasture. 'Not sure if it's intended to be drank from... it will look nice as a shelf item though. Too bad there was only one available. Often, these type of items are cracked or chipped. This one is in excellent condition. Cuteness at a great price, isn't it? Prim Winter blessings,

18 January, 2015

Granddaughter's new room

Good morning friends. How cold and foggy it is here in Alabama. We even got some snow on the 15th! Wow! Pictured above is my sweet granddaughter's new bedroom suite and, the Sunbonnet Sue quilt ensemble that I made for her for Christmas. The frilly bed skirt is white scalloped eyelet. Hasn't my daughter got the bedroom decorated so cute? The white furniture is so girly, just like Amanda and Macey. Proud Granny, yes I am.

14 January, 2015

Portsmouth quilt

Hello friends. Today my twin sister and I are "50 something", lol! Sending birthday wishes to my dear twin sister today. Pictured above is a traditional quilt design called Portsmouth. This is a free pattern from: Civil War Quilts Blog. Star patterns seem to be favorites, and this one has that element. The fabrics are 100% cottons, in festive Christmas and holidays prints. This lap quilt measures 34"X34" (pattern is enlarged). It was included in my Homespun Holidays giveaway.
This quilt is made in rich jewel-tones of green and red. Can you see the little holly print in two of the fabrics? Prim Winter blessings.

10 January, 2015

New shoes for Jill and Belinda!

Guess what. 'Finally got a pattern drafted for some doll shoes for Jill and Belinda. Their feet are nearly as wide as they are long, so the pattern pieces had to be customized a bit. This took a while, but their shoes are finally finished. To get up-closer photos, each doll got her own photograph. Jill and Belinda's socks are made from ladies' socks. I decided to make these doll shoes like those saddle oxfords that were so popular in the 1960's. 'Remember wearing those to school? Those were the days... Brown instead of black or navy was chosen for the "saddle" parts. These are made of fabric instead of leather or vinyl, and the shoestrings are sewn on instead of through eyelets (much easier to do, lol!) To see the instructions for these shoes, follow the link below my signature.

07 January, 2015

Jill and Belinda's new clothing!

Here are the Madame Alexander© dolls "Puddin'" and "Pussy-Cat" (Jill and Belinda) in their new clothing. 'Decided to make their new outfits similar in design and fabrics to what their originals were like. Both dolls' look a lot like their originals. Belinda's is nearly exact, but Jill's not as much. Jill's colors of blue and white are correct. 'Only thing is the original fabric was blue with a grid-looking white check. 'Had no luck finding any fabric like that. A newborn infant-sized dress and bloomers pattern was used as a guide, and drafted to specifics. To see their new close-up, follow the link below my signature.

03 January, 2015

Meet Jill and Belinda!

Good morning. Pictured above are two more of my Madame Alexander© dolls. Stamped on the back of each one's neck is, "Alexander 19 © 65". On the left, meet Jill. She is listed as the 20" large "Puddin'" by the company. Her sister, on the right, is Belinda. Belinda is listed as the 22" large "Pussy-Cat" by the company. Several sources list this "Puddin'" as a rare baby doll. Their clothing is, sadly, not original. These dresses were purchased at a local consignment shop, but they do fit the dolls well, don't they? Long ago, both of these babies were "criers", but their "cry boxes" no longer work. Jill and Belinda were absolutely two of my childhood favorites. It was innovative that, back then, you could choose the size, the skin, hair, and eye color of a new Madame Alexander© doll. Nowadays, these two have a home sitting in a chair in my bedroom. To see a close-up of these two cuties' faces, follow the link below my signature.

01 January, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year to you all! 'Thought it would be fun and interesting to do this: Pictured above are the posts that got the most Comments in 2014. Posts included the Sunbonnet Sue quilt, 3 Giveaways, 2 Swaps, and 1 Birthday post. The Happy 4th Blogoversary! Giveaway [owl baggie photo] got the most Comments, with 15. Thank you all for another wonderful year of blogging. Now that 2015 is here, there will be many more fun times. Thank you all so much for Following and Commenting on my blog. Cheers, and be safe on this holiday! Prim New Year's blessings,