23 October, 2015

Dresden plate small quilt

Good afternoon friends. Wow, a post in the evening... surprise! 'Just want to show you all the little 17" square Dresden plate quilt that I made. Yes, it was more difficult than I thought it would be. The center circle is a bit elliptical (lol), but still pleased with the outcome. It is made of autumn-ish fabrics from stash. The quilting is meandering, and the backing is a beige with muted-tone fruits. You can see the back by following the link below my signature.

Now, 2 questions: in quilting, is a flimsy a pieced and stitched quilt top? What does floating blocks mean? Does it mean that they are raised or larger than other blocks in the quilt? I am still quite the newbie in quilting, since about a year and a half ago. You all always are so helpful. It is thanks to many of you that I have learned quilting skills. Prim blessings.
Here is the back of the little Dresden plate quilt. That muted fruit-print was in my stash for many years. There are also 2 hanging pockets so this quilt could be a wall hanging.


  1. Yes a Flimsy is a Quilt top that you have just pieced. Floating means that the main focus is the pattern is; a star or appliqued flower, etc with extra background around all of the blocks in the same color. It makes the flower, star etc 'float'.


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