29 August, 2016

Sunny Flower romper

Hello friends. A while ago, I made this adorable romper for my granddaughter. Don't you just love the flower applique? Instantly, this pattern became a favorite. The romper is made of 100% cotton gingham check fabric, in lilac and white. The pale yellow floral fabric used for the "pedals" neckline matches so well. Granddaughter got this romper a few months ago, and does love it. The pattern is called Sunny Flower Romper, and was purchased from Ruby Jean's Closet on Etsy. This pattern is fairly easy to construct, and the drawstring "pedals" neckline is the fastener. The flower stem applique can be done on machine (like this one), or by hand. The leg openings are elastic in casings. So, this too-cute pattern will get a pattern difficulty rating of:

Fairly Easy

25 August, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: What will $1.00 buy nowadays?

Well, to our surprise, a brand new 100% cotton t-shirt! And, of all places, at a local grocery store. There was a big table with tons of the t-shirts. Mother and I did find some minor flaws (a few hanging threads and small sections of seams that needed to be resewn), but those were easily mended. Perfect! So, we bought several for Dress A Girl t-shirt dresses as well as several for ourselves. Some are manufactured by name-brand makers. Have you ever found a deal like this, in an unexpected place? Prim blessings.

18 August, 2016

Star Light Star Dark QAL: orange blocks

Hello all. 'Hope your week is going well. I finally completed the other two blocks for my Star Light Star Dark lap quilt top. These are the orange blocks. Can you tell that one block is lighter color gradation than the other one? That was the plan, lol. Some of the lighter fabrics appear to be pink, but they are actually lt. orange or peach. In these photos, the green blocks are stacked below (maybe not a great idea) and their edges are visible. This QAL is so much fun and guess what- it's not too late to join in on the fun. Some are making a larger quilt with six blocks. It's color galore! Visit Jess at: Quilty Habit for the details, and to see other quilt blocks.

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15 August, 2016

Star Light, Star Dark QAL

There is a really fun and educational QAL going-on over at Quilty Habit Blog. Jess has designed a quilt that features color gradation. 'Lots of information about colors (gradation and contrast) and choosing fabrics as well. We may choose a 6 block or a smaller 4 block quilt to make. Pictured above is my progress on the 4 block smaller quilt top. My chosen colors are green and orange, and these are the two green blocks. These are, to date, the largest stars I have ever sewn. 'Was afraid they may be difficult to assemble, but that was not the case at all. Green is my favorite color, and the choice of orange just seems a good contrast. 'Only problem is that finding lighter-shade orange fabrics is kinda difficult. Overall, though, this QAL is really a blast. 'Got started kinda late in it, so those other two blocks need to be completed soon. Happy quilting to you all.

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12 August, 2016

Simplicity 1379A

Hey friends in blog land. 'Hoping your week is going well. Pictured above is another dress that I made for my granddaughter. This one is Simplicity 1379A, featuring piping around the side pockets and the seam between the skirt and bodice portions of the dress. The fastener is three back fabric loops and buttons.

See that granddaughter is holding her baby doll, Karter? Yes, Simplicity also included a pattern for an 18" fashion doll. Of course I had to make that also, lol. Now granddaughter and Karter match. Those sandals and necklace are adorable accessories. Granddaughter is a fashionista, just like her mother. The other photo is a close-up detail of a side pocket. This photo also shows the fabric and piping detail much better. Those colors are so luscious. Due to the piping and the side pockets, this pattern gets a pattern difficulty rating of:

Fairly Easy

08 August, 2016

Make Modern Magazine win!

Good morning friends. Guess what: last month I joined-in the 2016 Mid Year Review that was hosted by Yvonne at: Quilting Jet Girl, and was a lucky winner of a giveaway prize. I have won 6 issues of a wonderful quilting magazine called Make Modern. The image above will re-direct you to their website. Wow! What a great prize. I do love quilting, old-style historical as well as modern style. Be sure to go visit Quilting Jet Girl, and Make Modern Magazine- you will love them both. Sending many thanks to Yvonne as well as to the ladies at Make Modern Magazine.

06 August, 2016

Farmhouse Summer Swap 2016

Good morning dear friends. Wow, summer is soon to be gone and autumn will arrive. 'Kinda lookign forward to the cooler weather here in the South. Goodness, it is so humid here. One of the wonderful events of this summer was the Farmhouse Summer Swap, hosted by Amy of: Bumblebee Lane Cottage. This year, Amy was my swap partner. Pictured above are the adorable gifts that she sent to me: a precious & prim rabbit doll, a yo-yo table mat, a wool felt birdie pin keep, and a journal featuring a very prim cross-stitched cover. I absolutely love everything, don't you? Sending so many heartfelt thanks to Amy for these goodies as well as for hosting this swap. 'Want to see what I sent to Amy? Be sure to visit her blog, and follow the link below my signature.

04 August, 2016

Gwennie Inspired QAL: round 3

Hello friends. Pictured above is my quilt top for the Gwennie Inspired round robin QAL over at Humble Quilts' Blog. The 3rd round was to be log cabin-inspired, and I struggled with an idea for that. 'Decided on a version of Court House Steps, with the lighter colored "steps" at the sides and the darker colored "steps" at the top and bottom. 'Added a red square medallion to every corner to complete the log cabin look. You will also notice that my quilt top is now "squared off", as the center basket block is on-point. So far, my quilt top is now measuring a generous 34" square. What a fun QAL. Sending many thanks to Lori and all of the other ladies who are choosing our monthly round themes.

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