26 October, 2016

6th Blogoversary winner!

Good morning dear friends. Happy blogoversary for 6 years today. Wow, what a fun ride this has been and still is. So many thanks to all of you followers and the sweet comments that you leave. Random Number Generator© selected #3, so our 6th Blogoversary winner is:

~Val of: Val's Quilting Studio~

The quilt block is from a pattern by: Barbara of Civil War Quilts Blog, and is titled Sage Bud for Fort Laramie. Thank you to all who entered. 'Will be contacting Val for her mailing address today. To see the other included gift, follow the link below my signature.
This nifty little sewing needle book is from a free pattern by:Deanna of: Wedding Dress Blue. Included a package of sharps needles for Val as well. Happy sewing & prim blessings.


  1. Oh my how cute is this!! THANK YOU Hannah! I think I'm going to use it just for all my wool needles. Congrats again on zix years of bloggging!! Glad to have "met" ya. V

    1. Annnddd I LOVE IT!!! Thank you again Hannah!

    2. These continue to be two of my very favorite "wins". The quilt is on the coffee table in our livingroom. It matched my decor perfectly! Thanks for rejuvinating your anniversary at Tuesday Archives this week!!

  2. Congrats to Val...Danice you are such a giving person! Be blessed!

  3. Lucky Val. She won a lovely needlebook


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