Mason® jars decorated

Hoping you all are enjoying these last remaining days of autumn. Winter will be here soon. Pictured above are two Mason® jars that I decorated. One is more autumn while the other is winter. The autumn one is filled with fake berries, while the winter one is filled with fake snow flakes. The instructions for these is from: Jill at: Create Craft She did the autumn leaf one, and I decided to do the winter snowflake one. The jars were free, as they came from our own kitchen. Recall my post about finding them back in 2013. They appear to be a bit old. These are so cute, but decided to not give one to my daughter until granddaughter is a bit older (the glass could break if dropped). Many thanks to Jill for this tutorial. Today, we could obtain some real snow for that winter snowflake jar. Although the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice does not begin until the 21st, we are getting a wintery mix currently. Prim autumn/winter blessings.