Pop-Ups patterns from Fat Quarter Gypsy

Recently, I participated in the annual Bag It event hosted by Patty of: Elm Street Quilts There were a lot of people who entered, all with amazing bags. Guess what- I was the winner of the Pop-Up patterns from: Fat Quarter Gypsy, two complete with springs and loops, plus two additional patterns! So exciting. These little containers will be full of sewing/quilting notions for sure. The ones above are the small version 6"H X 5 1/2"D, and the medium version 8"H X 8"D. Couldn't resist showing you the back view, the puppy's tail. How cute is that? Sending many thanks to Patty for hosting this fun event, and to Fat Quarter Gypsy for being a sponsor.

Again, thank all of you for continuing to check your Blogger folders and marking my comments as Not S***. Maybe soon that won't need to be done any longer. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, you may also see a comment published that is from daniceseclecticblog. That is good ole me, commenting from my Wordpress account. Prim blessings.


  1. These are so cute, They come in handy when at the quilting guild to collect small scraps and thread.
    Which I save for the birds in the spring. That way I can just bring them home.

  2. That dog is adorable! Great idea. Janice

  3. How adorable...cute as can be.
    Thank you for your visit and sweet words.

  4. Thank you all. One of these would make an excellent birthday gift, wouldn't it? For children or adults.


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