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Wooden spoon rack + tutorial

Hello all. Here is a wooden spoon rack that I made recently. It was quite simple to construct. If you love the prim look, one of these would be great. Of course, they are a decoration only.
The supplies you will need: scrap wood piece in a rectangular shape, one 1/2" thick square dowel rod, acrylic paints, a wood stain and a clean rag, some sponge brushes, some small wood nails, wood glue, 100-180 grit sandpaper for wood, a metal sawtooth hanger, a hammer, a jigsaw, and a hand drill. Safety goggles and a paper nose/mouth protector also needed. The wooden spoons can be purchased at many dollar stores.
*First, put on the safety goggles. Sand the edges and top of the rectangular wood and the 1/2" dowel. Take the 1/2" wood dowel and cut it the same length as the rectangular wood piece. From the rest of the dowel, cut the small 1/2" square blocks. Be careful to not cut your fingers!
*Dab some wood glue on the backs of the 1/2" square blocks and place on the long wood dowel that you have already cut. Hold in place to allow to set well. Dab wood glue on the back of each 1/2" square block and place the item near the lower center of the wood rectangular piece and again hold to set the wood glue.
*Once wood glue is dry, turn the wood rectangle over to the back side and slowly pre-drill small nail holes at the two ends, so they match up with the two 1/2" wood blocks on the front side. Don't drill all the way through!
*Carefully nail the small wood nails at each end from the back side.
*In a well-ventilated area, put on the nose/mouth protector and use the sponge brush with wood stain to cover the entire rack. Use an old but clean rag to wipe the stain excess as you go. This will take overnight to dry.
*Use another sponge brush to paint the spoons the acrylic colors that you like.
*Once the rack is dry, on the back side use the hammer and small wood nails to attach a metal sawtooth hanger. You may also sign your name and the date to the back if you want to.
Finis! Enjoy your new prim wooden spoon rack! It would not be safe to eat with those spoons, so this is only a wall decoration. As many of you already know, due to a false positive in Blogger's filters, I still cannot comment on most Blogger blogs via my Blogger account. So, yes, it is me, from my Wordpress account, if you see daniceseclecticblog. Prim blessings.