08 February, 2016

Birthday win from Victorian Motto Sampler

Oh my goodness. Somehow, I overlooked the post that listed me as the winner of Victorian Motto Sampler's Birthday Club for January. Due to some issues, I was offline a lot in January. After emailing Nancy, she sent my gift right along. Look how beautiful! Seventeen strands of her gorgeous hand-dyed floss! Now I can cross-stitch forever, lol. Nancy is always so generous and giving. She also has many pretty goodes in her Ebay store. Be sure to go check out Nancy's blog: Victorian Motto Sampler and Ebay store. Thank you so much Nancy!

06 February, 2016

Log Cabin Court House Steps quilt

Good morning to you all. Another UFO? Yes. What a long time this quilt was in-the-making. Finally, over a year and a half later, pictured above is a quilt that I made to use-up some fabric stash scraps. This pattern is the traditional Log Cabin, the Court House Steps version. It is a lap quilt, but ended up being quite large at 44"X44" after enlarging the pattern. This pattern was part of a QAL (Scraps N' Orphans) from Pam of: Heartspun Quilts Blog back in 2013. I love the mix of fabric colors and patterns. Do you like the Log Cabin quilt patterns? This quilt top was begun not long after I began learning to quilt. Machine quilting is meandering style. The binding is slate blue, and the backing is solid beige color cotton. 'Want to see two close-up views? Follow the link below my signature.

30 January, 2016

Deleting blogs and changing a blog's name

Hello friends. 'Something I learned recently, and want to pass-on to you all. If you delete a Blogger blog, after a certain time that url (address) becomes available again. This means that another blogger can get that url (address). What can this mean for you? Well, the people who were following your blog will appear as followers of the new blog. Also, the people who followed your blog by email or RSS feed will continue to receive feeds and emails every time the new blog author makes a post. Suppose the new blog has a theme that you are offended by? Worse than that, your followers may get a shock to see these posts appearing in their emails and blog reading lists.

Why would someone claim that blog url? Perhaps they are a person who just really wanted that blog url. Or, they could be someone who is simply trying to gain a lot of followers and search engine status without having to earn it for themselves. Someone could "inherit" good ratings or not so good ratings. What can you now do about all of this? Before deleting a blog, go to your Layout and choose your Follow By Email gadget. There will be a blue text link towards the lower left of that box: View stats and learn more. Click on that link to open your FeedBurner acount. There will be a list of all of your blog feeds, arranged alphabetically by the blog's name. Click on the blog that you want to delete its feed, and at the upper left of that page will be a another blue text link: Delete feed . Click that text link and delete that blog's feed. Then, go to the Blogger blog and delete all of the posts that you had made on that blog. If you find yourself following a blog that has a new owner, you can un-follow that blog from the Blogger dashboard. Via your email and browser, you can choose to no longer follow that blog's RSS feed/email posts.

Simply changing a blog's name (title) will also create the same problem. Search engine bots read the url (address) of a site or blog. Just changing the blog's name (title) will not change it's url. Followers via RSS feed and email receive feeds/emails from the blog's url and title. We have no control over another blogger getting an old url that we once had, but we can take steps to ensure that we are not mistaken as being the new url owner. Someone got my old url Danice's Blog Templates, and that blog has absolutely nothing to do with blog templates/design. 'None of my business what the new owner posts, but I did take steps to let my followers know that it is not me. Making a blog post stating that you will be closing (deleting) the blog on a specific date is also a great idea. Even if the new url owner has a blog theme that you like, it's best to let people know that you are no longer the blog's owner. If you just want to change your blog's name (title), keep in mind that it's url will remain the same unless you change that also. If you are keeping the blog, that shouldn't be a problem. The trouble arrives if you later decide to delete that blog.

Woo, what a long post! I hope that this information will help you. We all like getting some tips for better/safer blogging. Prim blessings to you all. Image: Twin Creek Primitives.

27 January, 2016

Why some are losing GFC Followers

Good morning friends. Yes, before I rant on about that GFC (Google Friends Connect) Followers problem again, here is an explanation of why some of us have lost quite a few Followers over the past few weeks. Here is what has happened: Followers who do not have a Google account can no longer Follow via GFC. Many thanks to Mdme. Samm for posting the official explanation for us all. She has the full explanation on her blog at this link: Update on Your Followers with Google. Many of us have long ago added other platforms to follow on our blogs, such as Linky Followers, FeedBurner, and Bloglovin'. We can also display the Follow By Email from our Blogger layout.

How is your winter weather? Here in Alabama, still colder and rainy. A few days ago, we even got a light dusting of snow. 'Cannot believe that February is right around the corner, can you? Stay warm and happy. Prim winter blessings to everyone.
post image courtesy of: Twin Creek Primitives.

24 January, 2016

Another jumper for granddaughter

Hello all. 'Hope your Sunday evening is going wonderful. So many thanks to all who wished well for my truck, Raven. Things are looking up. Pictured above is another jumper made from the Simplicity 1568A pattern. This one is made of wide wale corduroy in a deep shade of burgundy. The shoulder buttons are actually printed with a black and white houndstooth design. This is great for my granddaughter, as she and her family are Alabama Roll Tide © fans. A local shop did the white monogrammed "M" on the front, which is granddaughter's initial. 'Forgot to get a photo of the matching black and white houndstooth head band. The grey turtleneck is store-purchased. I just love this pattern, and once again assign a pattern difficulty rating of:

'Want to see granddaughter Macey wearing this jumper? Follow the link below my signature.