28 July, 2015

More Dress A Girl dresses

Good morning friends. Yes, it has been over a week since my last post. Some issues have been going on here. First, I want to share with you all about another effort to send dresses to Dress A Girl Around The World. Donna at: Brynwood Needleworks has a goal to send 100 dresses in August. She has 81 dresses thus far. Mother and I sent 5, and one of ours is pictured above. That fabric with the little scottie dog is just too cute, isn't it? 'Added some red rick-rack to decorate the pocket, along with their label. (Mother nor I are employed by the organization, nor do we receive any financial benefit from participating). This is such a great way to help the needy, and helps us to feel like we make a small difference in some girls' lives.

A few days ago I went out to our carport to make a quick trip to the store, to find that my truck door was open and the inside of my truck was ransacked! How in the world could this have happened, with our carport well-lighted at night and all car doors locked/windows rolled up? It really makes us feel violated and afraid. Thank goodness no real damage was done and nothing valuable stolen. They did not get into mother's car, just mine. We filed a police report, but do not expect the criminal to be caught as this happens all too often in our city. You all please be sure to keep your vehicles locked (even in day time) and well-lighted at night. Prim blessings.

20 July, 2015

Christmas In July Pin Keep Swap

Lookit what arrived in the mail today! This snowman is the darling pin keep that I received in Ravenwood Whimzies' Christmas In July Pin Keep Swap. He is mounted on a wooden spool. Also included are two vintage items: a red ticking napkin and red crocheted little cap, another pin keep in a vintage metal muffin cup (with buttons inside), and the adorable little mouse in a green homespun dress. My Swap partner was Heather from: The Country Schoolmarm Blog. All of these goodies are just too cute. 'Love, love them all. Thank you so much Heather. Be sure to visit and follow Heather's blog. To see the pin keep that I made for her, visit her blog and follow the link below my signature.

16 July, 2015

Tornadoes... in July?

Have you all had bad weather lately? Well, the photo above tells what happened here. Around 6 PM CST on the 14th, the sky turned dark and suddenly the wind got really strong. Next came the down pouring rain and then we heard a loud cracking noise. After it was all over, we discovered this huge downed limb from our cherished Bradford Pear tree. The wind took-out nearly the whole backside of this tree, barely missing our utility shed. The whole storm lasted only a few minutes. Other people in this county suffered much worse damage, but thank God no one was injured or lost their life. The local weather station had released a severe weather alert, but did not detect the two tornadoes until after the fact. We suspect that one of those tornadoes dipped down and caused this [sudden] damage to our tree. Mother's television cable line was snapped by the tip of this limb, so until a tree service can get over here, the cable company cannot install a new line. Somehow, the utilities line that was side by side with the television cable line did not snap. We are so thankful that this downed line did not start a fire. Here in Alabama we usually do not get tornadoes in July, as they typically occur in the Spring. Hoping that you all are safe and are staying cool in this Summer heat. Prim Summer blessings.

10 July, 2015

UFO Challenge: The Scientific Seamstress

Good afternoon friends. Pictured above is a darling dress from a pattern called Gabriella Fae by The Scientific Seamstress. This one is the sleeveless, rouched bodice, knee-length version, and is my entry in the: July UFO Challenge. That fabric is now discontinued by Hobby Lobby, and was in my stash for a while. 'Had also been wanting the Gabriella Fae pattern for a while. So, now the two have met! Of course this dress is for my darling granddaughter for next summer, so made it a size larger than she is wearing currently. Shhh, don't tell her, lol! This dress will be part of her birthday 2016 gifts. The fastener is a back 14" zipper. Y'all be sure to check out this challenge before the end of July. The winner will receive a Scientific Seamstress pattern of their choice. To see the matching hair bow and this pattern's Difficulty Rating, follow the link below my signature.

08 July, 2015

Prayer dolls

Have you ever heard of Prayer dolls? I found out about them from Dress A Girl Around The World, a charity that provides dresses for needy girls. Some ladies include a Prayer doll in the pockets of the dresses they send. They are really minimal and simple to make. Inside the doll's head, you place a prayer written on a scrap piece of paper or fabric. Even though the girl will never actually see the prayer, the idea is that the well-wishes are there. Mother and I sew dresses for this charity when possible, and thought these dolls would also be nice to send. Although neither of us is employed by nor receives any financial benefit from helping this charity, we so enjoy helping them. Yes, the reward is being happy to help the needy. To see three more of these dolls, follow the link below my signature.

30 June, 2015

*Winner: 4th of July Giveaway 2015*

Thank you to all who entered my 4th of July Giveaway. Random Number Generator© selected #5, which makes Mary our winner. Mary is an excellent quilter. Be sure to go visit and follow her awesome blog at: Mary- Quilting Grandma. The 4th will be here soon, so everyone please remember to be safe during the festivities. Fireworks are spectacular, but they are explosives! Happy birthday to the USA.

29 June, 2015

Happy birthday Amanda!

31 years ago today, my lovely daughter Amanda was born. She is a wonderful daughter, mother, wife, employee, and the best friend anyone could ever have. Amanda really is the complete package, plus she is so pretty. How amazing it is to have the joy of being her mother. Happy birthday to the best daughter ever. Love, Momma.

27 June, 2015

Simply Sweet dress

Back again, with another entry in: The Scientific Seamstress' Heat Wave/Frost Fever Party. This dress is called Simply Sweet, designed by The Scientific Seamstress. It is made of 100% cotton seersucker, in a navy and white small check. The large rick-rack trimming is red. The two front red bows are 7/8" wide grosgrain ribbons. Of course, this dress is made with love for my granddaughter. The link party will have a winner, to be chosen at the end of June. If you have not yet tried sewing a Scientific Seamstress or Sis Boom pattern, now would be a great time to start. This pattern is really quite fun and easy to construct, with no fasteners. There are several options included. The Pattern Difficulty Rating is:
Prim sewing blessings.