20 April, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Wishing you all a very happy Easter today. 'So glad that Spring has arrived, with the warmer temperatures and sunshine. The little girl in the image sure looks happy, doesn't she? 'Gotta love that egg-shaped house. I just love these stylized vintage photos. Prim Spring blessings.
Image: Scrappin' Doodles

19 April, 2014

Spring Tidings 2014 Swap goodies!

Hello friends. Recently, I participated in Bumblebee Lane Cottage's Spring Tidings Swap. Allison of: Sew Many Girls was my partner, and she sent the beautiful goodies pictured above: a darling dancing Annie, a prim bunny tuck, a 5"X7" padded Spring blessings framed artwork, a wooden patriotic basket filled with fabric-covered eggs and Spanish moss, a stuffed antique tin tart mold, a green floral quilt square, three prim flowerettes, a cute prim bunny pail filled with fabric-covered eggs and Spanish moss, and a darling yellow prim chick tuck. All items are scented with a favorite: vanilla. Thank you so much Allison. All items are really pretty and prim. Green is my favorite color. To see what I sent to Allison, visit her blog and follow the link below my signature. Prim Spring blessings.

17 April, 2014

Too cute rabbit

Pictured above is a too-cute rabbit that was purchased from Linda of: Parker's General Blog. She does not know who actually made the rabbit. Someone really did a good job on it. I got the rabbit a few months ago, and just forgot to post about it. Spring time reminds me of animals like rabbits, so now was a good time to post. Notice the darling straw hat on her head. How cute is this! Prim Spring blessings.

~Thrifty Thursday: wooden thread spool~

Hello friends. It's Thrifty Thursday again. The wooden spool of thread pictured above is not vintage, but is very decorative. Green is my favorite color. These were on sale at the local Hobby Lobby for 50% off, making them only $4.00 each. The spool is nearly four inches tall. The thread has a wooly texture. 'Looks good in my sewing/crafting area. Notice the photo is really good quality. Thanks to Marti at: SEW-Licious Home Decor: Photography 101 for the wonderful photography tips. Photography 101 includes how to make your own DIY light box to eliminate common problems, such as a yellow glare, blurry edges, etc... 'Made mine of things already around the house, so the cost was a whopping zero. How cool is that?

10 April, 2014

~Thrifty Thursday: paper mache eggs in nest~

Here are four paper mache eggs that I painted and speckled. They sit in a little nest that was found at a local antiques store for only $2.00 (perfect for Thrifty Thursday). The only place that I could find these eggs without having to order them was Hobby Lobby. Well, that's just a wonderful excuse to go in that store, lol! The eggs are painted some of my favorite colors, and the speckles kinda make them look more natural. Since Easter is in April this year, these eggs are in time for that holiday. 'Reminds me of years ago when we children painted eggs every Easter. Thank goodness that practice of dyeing live chicks has ended. At the time, 'guess folks just didn't think of the possible harm to the animals. Do you remember those dyed chicks? What are your thoughts/memories of Easter eggs?

08 April, 2014

~Rabbit Heart cross stitchery~

Easter will be here soon, and this cross stitchery reminds me so much of the season. I am a beginner, and this is my largest completed design to date. The floss is DMC #3051, Dark Green Grey. The aida is 14 ct. white. The completed design is approx. 6 1/2"X7". To see what this stitchery was turned into, follow the link below my signature.
free cross stitch chart: Gazette94

06 April, 2014

Why I am a No Reply Blogger

Good morning friends. Some people may wonder why other bloggers are No Reply Bloggers. Well, there actually is a reason, at least for my choice. First, let me say that it is not to be unfriendly or appear unsocial. It is simply an issue of security. While allowing Replies is so easy and convenient for those who are good people, it also makes easy and convenient access for those people on the web who are not friendly. Having your email address accessible to the whole world wide web is really dangerous. This is as dangerous as having a mailto: link directly to your email account. These practices can fill your inbox with viruses and spam, and even crash your computer (especially if your security system does not have a firewall to protect your email). Hijackers, spammers, scrapers, and other such people do not need to know a person's email address. Sadly, not everyone who replies on a blog has good intentions nor is even interested in the blog. So, how can well-intentioned people contact you?

Contact forms are a great solution. Some are free, others are paid-for services. They provide a safer outlet to be contacted, and do not reveal your email address unless you choose to reply to the sender. Mine has a CAPTCHA where the sender must fill-in the letters/numbers in the box to prove that they are not a robot. Yes, robots do search the web looking for those mailto: links and other ways to enter people's email accounts. Not all robots are friendly. Some are spybots! Why make it easy for them, and at the price of compromising your identity/security?

There is no 100% foolproof way to stop bad people and spyware, but taking some simple measures can really help to avoid falling victim. Having a reputable security system with a firewall to protect your email, not using mailto: links, and not providing easy access to your email address are all great starts. Some people say that they have a special email account for contacts in case something bad happens, but here's the thing: that email account is checked by you on your computer which means that this method is not a solution. Using "[at] dot com" or something similar, also not a solution. Nearly everyone knows what that means. Although it is not a link, it is revealing. Moderating comments is a smart and safe decision.

Nowadays, being social on the web is very important. I appreciate all of my followers and the comments. Yet, we still must be careful and safeguard ourselves. In a perfect world, we could just not worry and all would be OK. Sadly, this is not the case. It is so sad to see a fellow blogging friend get hacked. We should guard our email addresses the same as we do our physical addresses and other personal information: need-to-know basis. It really is an everyday struggle when on the web to be social and accessible without compromising one's identity/security, isn't it? Prim Spring blessings.

Visit my page: *Safe Blogging Tips: What To Do Immediately If You Do Get Hacked*

Image: Twin Creek Primitives