16 October, 2014

Sunbonnet Sue: completed quilt top!

It is finally completed, yay! Pictured above is the Sunbonnet Sue full-size quilt top. We do not have a full-size bed, so had to place it on a king-size bed. The quilt has a total of 42 blocks, each with 4 lattices and 4 cornerstones. It is now quilted to the batting and white backing by stitching in the ditches between every lattice horizontally and vertically. This is really a learning experience. As soon as the binding is added, 'will post a photo of the completed quilt. Every Sue's dress and bonnet is made of a remnant of every outfit that I have made for granddaughter Macey since she was born in 2011. Can you believe it has come this far? To see close-ups of the corners of the quilt, follow the link below my signature.

09 October, 2014

Harvest Gatherings Swap goodies!

Good evening friends. 'Participated in the Harvest Gatherings Swap again, and my partner was: Sandi of The Primitive Skate. Pictured above are the darling goodies that Sandi sent to me: big ole stuffed pumpkin, little wooden angel, embroidered kitchen towel, metal planter with beautiful crow and pumpkin painted on its front, little green bucket with a crow label and a stuffed pumpkin inside, Pumpkin Seed scented tart and three scented soaps, cute corn battery-powered light, and a vintage white metal bowl filled with a corn cob and some other little scented items. Aren't they all wonderful? What great Swap items. Sending many thanks to Sandi. To see what I sent to her, be sure to visit Sandi's blog and follow the link below my signature. Prim Autumn blessings.

03 October, 2014

Where have I been?

Not a post for over a week... where have I been? Our family has had some sadness lately, but all is getting better now. I have also been not feeling too well, but am finally getting better now. 'Been visiting some of your blogs and commented a bit. Pictured above is a hair bow that I made for my granddaughter this past summer. 'Didn't want a post with no image, so thought that would make a good one. There is a matching blouse and shorts set, but somehow failed to get a photo of them before giving them to my granddaughter. That fabric is from an older Riley Blake© collection called Scoot.

'Hoping that you are all doing well and are happy. Early this morning, we had some nasty lightning and heavy rain. 'Kinda out of season, but it happened. It is so good to have the cooler weather during the night time. 'Looking forward to that cooler weather during the day time. It seems like September flew by so fast. Have you all been getting any rain or storms lately? Prim Autumn blessings.

25 September, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Gorgeous smocking!

This is a gorgeous smocked bishop dress, found at a local thrift store for only $4.00! So, it is another Thrifty Thursday item. What a find, especially since this dress is from a boutique called Royal Child. Isn't the white with brown floral fabric simply luscious? The contrasting red smocking just adds to its beauty. 'Know how when you see something and right away you gotta have it? That was the case with this dress. To see some close-up photos and the hair bow, follow the link below my signature.

20 September, 2014

Sunbonnet Sue row two!

Here is the lower square of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my granddaughter. That's now a total of two rows completed, which is fourteen squares. Some of the Sues wear sleeveless dresses, some have sleeves. Some Sues are wearing brown shoes while some are barefoot. This quilt is beginning to get a bit heavy now, lol. It really is so worth it all though. This is my first large quilting project. Do you all think that it is looking OK? To see another photo of this row, follow the link below my signature.

16 September, 2014

Lime & aqua pleat dress

Good morning friends. Pictured above is a darling pattern from: Dandy Jane's Etsy Shoppe. This is the Pleat dress, and it is definitely one of my favorites. 'Love the front pleat. It can be either contrasting fabric, like this one, or sewn of the same fabric as the dress. The fabric is a cotton/polyester blend in a geometric-print lime green with aqua and avocado. Kinda unique and artsy, isn't it? To see this pattern's difficulty rating and its matching hair bow, follow the link below my signature.

13 September, 2014

Ruffled leg jeans

Pictured above are some jeans that I have cut off and added fancy ruffles to. This makes little girls' jeans even cuter. Plus, the ruffle fabric can be that same fabric as you've used to make her a dress or blouse. The 100% cotton fabric here is on an off-white background with a large floral print in teal, olive, orange, black and magenta. It is actually the very same fabric used to make the: Central Park Swing Coat. The jeans can be cut off to a capri length, or ankle length. The choice is yours. The jeans pictured above are the flare leg fit; they tend to work well for adding ruffles. These jeans are a size 4, ankle length. Each ruffle was cut at 6"X30". Then, simply sew the two shorter ends of each ruffle right sides together. Next, sew a narrow hem around the longer edge of each ruffle. Right sides together, pin each ruffle to each jeans leg with the edges even. Make sure that the ruffle's seam is aligned with the jeans' inside leg seam. Gather and stitch close to the edge, through the jeans and each ruffle. Due to the thickness, use a larger needle such as a number 14 or 16. If you do not have a serger, zig-zag or edge stitch each finished leg. Finis! Yay! That adorable little girl now has some fancy ruffled jeans!