31 December, 2017

Word of the Year : 2018

Good morning to you all, on this the last day of 2017. Soon it will be 2018, and my chosen Word of the Year is: finish. Yes, finish those UFO quilt tops that have accumulated, lol. In the past 4+ years, there are now about fourteen quilt top flimsies. Perhaps last year's Word, "patience" will apply this year as well. In 2017, thirteen quilts/mug rugs were completed. Thank you all for another fantastic year of blogging. Sending Happy New Year wishes to you all. Here's to another fun-filled year of blogging (and this new blog theme- Soho)!
post image: Kerrie DeFelice | Unsplash

27 December, 2017

New baby and blogging themes

Hello everyone. Guess what- we have a new baby girl! Lydia arrived on 22 December, and she is adorable. Recall the diaper bag, crib quilt and clothes/sandals that I made for her baby shower. Mother (my niece), father and baby are all doing well. What a blessing for the holidays.

Just curious. What do you all think of the four new themes that Blogger created for us back in the Spring? Contempo, Emporio, Notable, and Soho. I have noticed a few bloggers are using some of those themes, mostly Soho. That is the one that I really do love. It is so modern, clean and seems to be very SEO optimized.

One thing, though, makes me hesitate. What do you all think of the sidebar being hidden under the upper left "hamburger" icon? 'Looks like a square with three horizontal lines inside of it, kinda like a burger hence the nickname. It does not hover "menu", so some people actually do not know what that symbol is nor it's function (opening the sidebar). 'Wish it were simply a text link "menu" or "sidebar". I have been looking at Soho via my unpublished "sample tester" blog, and loving it a lot. Any of your thoughts will be welcomed. Please vote on right sidebar poll.

Oh, and the commenting situation is improving. Thank you all who did and still are marking the comments as Not S*** in your Blogger dashboards. We all need to help each other, as this is the way to train filters to not mark our comments as S*** in the first place. A bit of caution, never include any links in a comment form, as S*** filters will eventually flag it (you). Remember my Word of 2017? Patience? This is a true test, lol. Prim Winter blessings.
baby graphic: Primsy Doodle Designs

26 December, 2017

Best of 2017 posts

Good morning friends. Hoping you all are having a wonderful holiday time. Pictured above are the posts that gained the most comments in 2017. All received from eight to fourteen+ comments (not counting my own comments/replies). Actually, this post gained the most comments at fourteen.

On the 4th of January, Ugly Christmas Sweaters completed quilt received ten comments.

Exploding Stars quilt top completed! on 31st of May tied with 6th October's Palmateer Point quilt top completed!, each gaining nine comments.

Baby girl bubble suit on 3rd December received eight comments, tying with 4th April's Year of the Rooster Challenge.

Thank you all for your sweet comments. Looking forward to another fun year in blogland.

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24 December, 2017

Happy holidays wishes 2017

Good morning, and happy holidays wishes to you all. It has been a wonderful year, hasn't it? Hoping you all have a holiday filled with health, joy and happiness. Sending best wishes to you all. Prim holiday blessings.

image: Roman Kraft | Unsplash

21 December, 2017

Yankee Diary QAL: through November

Hello everyone. Hoping your Sunday is going well. Wow, soon it will be Christmas. Are you ready? Guess what- here is my Yankee Diary quilt top through November. This includes the most current block, Victory is Grant-ed (the dog with the bird on his back). Somehow the dog's hind quarters applique is not even, but we'll just call that "adding to its primitive-ness", lol. (right?) Must have cut it out incorrectly. Please excuse the tape on the corners holding the quilt top on the wall. These blocks also make-up the lower half of the quilt top. Only one more block to go and the top half will be complete. It is a fun and historical QAL, hosted by: Civil War Quilts Blog. Stay tuned to see the entire project all together.

'Just want to say, I have been seeing all of the beautiful holidays decor, quilts, and everything else that you all have been posting. A+ excellent work you all are doing. I can comment on some blogs now, and hoping on all soon (maybe that problem is resolved). I realize all of you have busy lives (lol), but I just humbly ask that from time to time you would all check your Blogger spam folder (found in Comments) and mark my comments as Not Spam, so they will appear. To do this, please select "Comments" from your dashboard and the folder will be listed there, below "Comments". Check the box beside the comment, and select Not Spam. I have not stopped commenting, the comments just don't always appear. Some of your other blogging friends' comments may also be in there mistakenly, thus not published. I have marked some as Not Spam when I see in that folder they are in fact legitimate, from friends. The comments may arrive in your email but this is from the Blogger dashboard, which is where we can mark comments from other bloggers. Being a No Reply or Reply Blogger has nothing to do with it. This is not an email issue. Those comments just need to be "freed" from that dashboard Spam folder. In time, this will train the filters to not mark them as spam at all.

This is all the advice from the Blogger Help Forum, to me. I am so sorry this has happened. It is not an issue that is anyone's fault. When a blogger makes a comment, and sees "publishing", they log out, assuming that it in fact published. Most people never look at that same post later, only to see like 20 comments, and that theirs is not one of those comments. Pray that it does not happen to you. Please check that folder from time to time. Not just for me, but for other bloggers' comments. Thank you all so much. Prim quilting blessings.

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17 December, 2017


2018 Planning Party
Hello friends. The year 2018 will be here soon, and I do have some plans/resolutions for the year:

1. Get at least half of my quilt top UFOs quilted. Yes, many have accumulated in the past 4-something years, lol. In 2017 ten quilts, table runners, and doll quilts were completed.

2. Find the courage to socialize with other quilters/stitchers here locally. Our area does have a few quilters groups, and I want to get over the shyness about meeting some of them. For blogging online quilter friends (and friends who don't quilt), comment and socialize more with you all.

3. Learn how to machine-stitch more quilting designs, in addition to my usual meandering, cross-hatch, and loopy-loops. How about Baptist Fan, Matchstick, Circular, and Leaves? Gorgeous!

All of these bring us to my chosen Word of the Year for 2018: finish. Wish me luck, lol.
Do you have any plans/resolutions/goals for 2018 on your agenda? Prim quilting blessings.

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15 December, 2017

Winterlude table topper

Hello everyone. 'Already getting in the holiday spirit. This small table topper was made a few years ago, with Winterlude collection fabrics by 3 Sisters for Moda. We all know that green is my favorite color. This fabric is so festive. The batting is Warm N' Natural©, and the backing is a green print. The machine quilting is meandering. The size is 18"X24". This could also be a cute quilt for a holiday critter doll, couldn't it?

All of the home decor, quilting and sewing you all are posting about on your blogs are awesome. 'Just wanted to let you all know that. Prim blessings.

13 December, 2017

Completed: Coins baby quilt

Wow, I actually finished a complete quilt! This little coins quilt is for my niece and her husband's new daughter. She is due around the 21st of December. There are two more rows of coins that don't show in the photo. The quilt has already been gifted at their baby shower/tea on 10th November. Here are the quilts'stats:

♦finished size: 36" X 40", and is a good crib size. All fabrics are 100% cottons.

♦backing: white with a pink damask print | binding: solid white

♦batting: Warm N' White©

♦machine quilting: free-motion meandering.

To see the quilt backing, follow the link below my signature.

09 December, 2017

*Homespun Holidays Giveaway 2017 winner*

Good morning to you all. Hoping that your weekend is going well. It's that time- to announce the winner of the Homespun Holidays Giveaway 2017. Thank you all who entered. Random Number Generator© chose #5, which is: Jessica at Old Crow Homestead Blog. In her comment, Jessica said, "What I love most about the holidays... I love how it feels different than any other time of year. For me that starts on Thanksgiving Day until the New Year. I can't explain the feeling, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels it!" What a perfect sentiment for the holidays. Well said. 'Will be contacting you today, Jessica, for mailing info. Happy weekend to everyone.

07 December, 2017

Sunshine Wristlet for Bag It 2017

Here are two more Bag It entries: one zippered Sunshine Wristlet (minus the hand strap), and one folding wallet. Sunshine finished a bit small at 7 1/4" X 5 1/4" because of accidentally printing the pattern too small. There is an inside slip pocket. The wallet finished nearly the same size (folded), and I just winged it. The wallet has an inside slip pocket and a hook and loop fastener. These are both sewn of the same Allegory Story fabric as their matching purse (that post is listed under "purses & totes" in the Labels link below). These are entries 11 and 12 for me. Although not in the Bag It challenge, there was also enough fabric to make a matching key fob. See it to the right in the photo? There is still time to enter Bag It 2017.

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Notebook Covers for Bag It 2017

Hello again friends. 'Been busy sewing gifts for the holidays and birthdays. Pictured above are three: Notebook Covers from a pattern by Elm Street Quilts Blog. Each measures 3 1/2" X 6 1/2". Guess what is inside each- a 2018-2019 calendar. Yes, most people now just use smartphones instead of paper calendars, but they can still come in handy, lol. These are my 8th, 9th, and 10th entries in the Bag It event. Be sure to visit the link party to see many beautiful bags. Prim blessings.

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03 December, 2017

Baby girl bubble suit

Good morning. Here is a darling little bubble suit that I made for my niece and her husband's new baby girl. It is Simplicity 8098 A, and there are also versions for a baby boy. The pattern is quite simple to construct, with a mock shirt and a three-button back closing (I used snaps instead). There are also snaps in the crotch for easy diaper changing. This pattern will get a pattern difficulty rating of:

Fairly Easy

'Just could not resist making a baby head band for the bubble suit! It is made of the same fabrics, and has a cute little white bow sewn to it. Aw, these sandals were so fun to make. Cute little white vinyl sandals for my niece and her husband's new baby girl! These are Simplicity 80987 A, and the pattern also has two bubble suits for a girl and two for a boy. There is also a baby-safe stuffed duck pattern included. So many patterns in one envelope! Have you made any baby shoes, sewn/crafted or knitted?